Cathy Lachance
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Cathy Lachance

Cathy lives on the Island of Orleans situated near Quebec City, Canada.
She attained her initial training in drawing and painting in the academic tradition at an early age.

After studying Art in college, she worked as a stage designer for theatre. She then travelled to many countries, where she started to paint the landscapes of different places.
Whilst living in Southern Louisiana, her passion for Plein Air painting started to develop.
In 2007, after living in New Orleans for a year and perfecting her technique, she was awarded the Auseklis Ozols prize at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.
She also studied at the Glassel School of Art in Houston, and with renowned painters like Daniel E. Greene and David A. Leffel.

Cathy takes inspiration from life when she paints. She finds it important to capture the essence of the landscape by understanding its light.

The Island she lives on currently is the perfect place to find inspiration to paint.


I like to immerse myself in nature when I paint, that is why I love Plein Air painting so much.
I try to capture the essence of the landscape on the canvas by expressing the impact light and colors have over me.

Cathy Lachance

Credit: Louise Leblanc